Cable Ladders 90° Horizontal Bend Covers

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmWeight (kg/mt)
110-MK PG01010110MKPG101000.920
120-MK PG01010120MKPG102002.040
130-MK PG01010130MKPG103003.390
140-MK PG01010140MKPG104006.640
150-MK PG01010150MKPG105009.060
160-MK PG01010160MKPG1060011.810
170-MK PG01010170MKPG1070016.340
180-MK PG01010180MKPG1080022.250
190-MK PG01010190MKPG1090030.420
1100-MK PG010101100MKPG10100041.540
110-MK HDG01010110MKHDG101001.010
120-MK HDG01010120MKHDG102002.240
130-MK HDG01010130MKHDG103003.720
140-MK HDG01010140MKHDG104007.300
150-MK HDG01010150MKHDG105009.970
160-MK HDG01010160MKHDG1060012.990
170-MK HDG01010170MKHDG1070017.970
180-MK HDG01010180MKHDG1080024.470
190-MK HDG01010190MKHDG1090033.460
1100-MK HDG010101100MKHDG10100045.690


1- “A ve B” Sizes Are Equal In Standard Production If Required

“B Sizes” Can Be Changed By Using  Reducing Parts.

2- Please visit page 113 for other radius

3- Different sheet thicknesses can be produced.

4- Please indicate order code and the shape of coating in your orders.


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: % ± 10