Cable Ladder M6 Series (PG to ISO 10346)

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmT mmWeight (kg/mt)
A 10-M6-10 PG01008A10M610PG601001.01.330
A 10-M6-12 PG01008A10M612PG601001.21.730
A 10-M6-15 PG01008A10M615PG601001.51.980
A 10-M6-20 PG01008A10M620PG601002.02.300
A 20-M6-10 PG01008A10M610PG602001.01.480
A 20-M6-12 PG01008A20M612PG602001.21.870
A 20-M6-15 PG01008A20M615PG602001.52.130
A 20-M6-20 PG01008A20M620PG602002.02.440
A 30-M6-10 PG01008A30M610PG603001.01.610
A 30-M6-12 PG01008A30M612PG603001.22.000
A 30-M6-15 PG01008A30M615PG603001.52.260
A 30-M6-20 PG01008A30M620PG603002.02.580
A 40-M6-10 PG01008A40M610PG604001.01.890
A 40-M6-12 PG01008A40M612PG604001.22.290
A 40-M6-15 PG01008A40M615PG604001.52.540
A 40-M6-20 PG01008A40M620PG604002.02.860
A 50-M6-10 PG01008A50M610PG605001.02.060
A 50-M6-12 PG01008A50M612PG605001.22.450
A 50-M6-15 PG01008A50M615PG605001.52.710
A 50-M6-20 PG01008A50M620PG605002.03.030
A 60-M6-10 PG01008A60M610PG606001.02.240
A 60-M6-12 PG01008A60M612PG606001.22.640
A 60-M6-15 PG01008A60M615PG606001.52.890
A 60-M6-20 PG01008A60M620PG606002.03.210


1- PG Cable Ladder standart length is 3000 mm.

2- Each PG Cable Ladder needs 2 pcs straight connectors.

3- Each straight connector needs 4 sets of M8x15 nuts&bolts.

4- Stainless steel cable ladders can be manufactured according to request. (with special rungs.)

5- Please indicate order code and the Type of coating in your orders.

6- Different sheet thicknesses can be produced.


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10

The Cable Ladder in the Catalogue can be Connected Without Connection Couplers.