Cable Ladder Side Rails L :3000 mm

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmWeight (kg/mt)
M 50-10 PG01008M5010PG501,00,615
M 50-12 PG01008M5012PG501,20,735
M 50-15 PG01008M5015PG501,50,920
M 50-20 PG01008M5020PG502,01,230
M 70-10 PG01008M7010PG701,00,765
M 70-12 PG01008M7012PG701,20,920
M 70-15 PG01008M7015PG701,51,150
M 70-20 PG01008M7020PG702,01,535
M 75-10 PG01008M7510PG751,00,780
M 75-12 PG01008M7512PG751,20,935
M 75-15 PG01008M7515PG751,51,170
M 75-20 PG01008M7520PG752,01,560
M 80-10 PG01008M8010PG801,00,795
M 80-12 PG01008M8012PG801,20,950
M 80-15 PG01008M8015PG801,51,190
M 80-20 PG01008M8020PG802,01,590
M 100-10 PG01008M10010PG1001,00,920
M 100-12 PG01008M10012PG1001,21,105
M 100-15 PG01008M10015PG1001,51,380
M 100-20 PG01008M10020PG1002,01,840
M 125-10 PG01258M12510PG1251,01,305
M 125-12 PG01258M12512PG1251,21,630
M 125-15 PG01258M12515PG1251,51,630
M 125-20 PG01258M12520PG1252,02,175
M 150-10 PG01508M15010PG1501,01,135
M 150-12 PG01508M15012PG1501,21,420
M 150-15 PG01508M15015PG1501,51,420
M 150-20 PG01508M15020PG1502,01,890


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10

*2 pieces of sides are required for a standard sized ladder.

* For installation , please read the montage instructions

* H50 mm and H100 mm side rails are always in stock as pre-galvanized or hot dip galvanized as shown on thickness chart.

*Different type of material thicknesses can be produced on request.

Please indicate order code and the shape of coating in your orders.