Marine Type Cable Ladder S Series H50 (HDG TS EN ISO 1461)

Order CodeStock CodeH mmW mmT mmT2 mmWeight (kg/mt)
AGV 105 HDG01009MTAGV105HDG501001.55.02.125
AGV 155 HDG01009MTAGV155HDG501501.55.02.200
AGV 205 HDG01009MTAGV205HDG502001.55.02.890
AGV 255 HDG01009MTAGV255HDG502502.05.02.475
AGV 305 HDG01009MTAGV305HDG503002.05.02.585
AGV 355 HDG01009MTAGV355HDG503502.05.02.685
AGV 405 HDG01009MTAGV405HDG504002.05.02.790
AGV 455 HDG01009MTAGV455HDG504502.05.02.890
AGV 505 HDG01009MTAGV505HDG505002.05.02.995
AGV 555 HDG01009MTAGV555HDG505502.05.03.090
AGV 605 HDG01009MTAGV605HDG506002.05.03.200

Marine Type Straight Connection Coupler (HDG TS EN ISO 1461)

Order CodeStock CodeH mmL mmT mmWeight (kg/mt)
AGV 101009MTAGS114025301402.50,110


1-Cable ladder length 3000mm.

2-Each cable ladder needs 2 pcs straight connectors.

3-Each straight connector needs 8 sets of M10x20 nuts&bolts

Please indicate order code and the type of coating in your orders


L: Length

T: Thickness

W: Width

PG: Pregalvanized

HDG: Hot Dip Galvanized

Material Thickness and Weight Tolerans: ± 10